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Washington DC, USA

On Location Gallery


Getting an establishing shot of the
Lincoln Memorial, where
Martin Luther King addressed 250,000
people with “I have a dream…”


Jo, Brad, Simon and Allan (L to R)
fine-tuning a piece to camera highlighting
the Bible references in MLK’s speech.


Simon having a quick nap between shots (just kidding).
Mount Vernon, where George Washington lived, has
spectacular views of the Potomac River.
It’s one of the most visited historic sites in the US,
and we had to shoot quickly between
the constant school groups touring the property.


The first of two interviews at the US Institute
of Peace. We started with Senior Policy Fellow
Maria Stephan, an expert on non-violent resistance,
whose research shows that it has a higher success rate
than violent movements.


Our second interview at the US Institute of
Peace was with Susan Hayward, their Director
of Religion and Inclusive Societies. We spoke to
her about the role of women and the role of religion
in peace-building efforts around the globe.


Much time was spent on the road getting
from one location to the next. From Washington
we headed to Princeton to interview Albert
Raboteau – not the most exciting 3.5hr drive.